Tuesday, December 14, 2010

T'is the season for making!

(this awesome softie can be found at www.morninglori.etsy.com)

So I'm finished with my holiday craft shows,( it was a whirlwind I tell you!), and aside from a few special orders for customers I am ready to sink into some serious decorating and gift making.

Here is my list of things that may or may not actually get done
*a patchwork pillow for each of my girls
*freezer paper stencilled t-shirts for them too
*coasters for my mama (it's what she asked for)
*some festive bunting for the living room
*we're going to string popcorn for the tree tonight
* some ornaments for the tree
and we should probably make paper snowflakes too I think
oh, and cookies and chocolate covered pretzels are in order as well :)
Here are some more scenes from around our home. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
(Even the instruments are getting in the holiday spirit.)

(we strung some wool felt balls last night for a sweet garland)

(This guy comes out of hiding every year to dance and sing..and annoy.
Didn't I donate you last year? Suspicious...)

(My littlest hasn't decided if these guys are creepy or cute...we'll see.)
Happy holidays everyone, and good luck with your lists!

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  1. Hi Haley!
    I love the felted string for the xmas tree. I will just have to do the same!!! I admire the fact that you can sew! Let me know of what workshop you would like to give this winter, I am preparing :)